A few words about us

Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting and promoting awareness of children in foster care. Our primary objective is to inspire and influence children through the magic of horses by teaching them how to skillfully build a productive successful life through leadership and guidance. Instill in each child their value as a person. Learn the true meaning of self-respect and self-esteem. Feel the renewing energy of love, care, compassion and hope. And, finally through the realization that there are no limitations on what they can achieve in life.

Our Goals

Provide a safe environment through leadership, guidance and education where foster children can make emotional connections to horses while developing necessary life skills. The interaction between child and horse benefits those who have behavioral or attention problems associated with past traumas. These experiences will help connect the children with the horses and disconnect them from the external aspects of life that have previously defined them. We will also be assisting these children with their academic or vocational aspirations through scholarships. By reaching out to these children who through no fault of their own have been placed in unimaginable circumstances beyond their control we will help give them a voice in their futures and an opportunity to achieve greatness.

Our Concept

The concept for the American Charities Foundation Ranch is the belief that healing for children who have experienced severe sexual, emotional or physical trauma is possible through healthy interactions with animals and that every living thing has a tremendous value and self worth.

Our Philosophy

Our program is based on the philosophy that the interaction between child and horse will provide nurturing experiences that will significantly reduce emotional barriers caused by earlier traumas. Certified staff and qualified volunteers will provide group and individual riding lessons to the children. They will learn lessons through their interaction with the horses helping them to open up and feel a sense of belonging for the first time in their lives. These lessons will provide experiences that teach respect, create positive peer interactions and improve social skills, foster creativity, build better self-confidence and instill self worth, encourage healthy attachments, gain a love and respect for horses and all animals, all by assisting the children in becoming whole again and giving them a general sense of normalcy.

By placing a horses reins in a foster child’s hand, it will give them a healthy foundation for life especially if they’ve been hurt by someone they once placed their trust in. Through the magic of horses these children can open up and heal. They will no longer feel powerless or as if they are throw away children.